Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still sewing, no photos

I've been sewing quite a bit lately, but still can't post photos till our computer is brought back to full operating capacity in a week or two. So, for my own entertainment I thought I'd post links to what I've been making!

For me I made V1061 . It took ALL DAY on Friday to assemble the back. I cut it out on Thursday and when when I went to start sewing on Friday I discovered that I had no matching thread. I debated waiting till I could make a dash to Spotlight without the twins, but that would have meant waiting till Saturday afternoon, so I decided to go. I swear by the time I'd got them both into coats, hats, sheepskin booties and carseats, and loaded carseats and buggy into the car I could have driven there and back and been sewing! Anyway, SL had rather bare thread racks, and after further internal debate I figured that I was already out so I might as well carry on into town and get the d***ed thread! Which I did. Got home just in time to put the twins down for their nap. Perfect! I did a few experiments to determine the best way to do the back seams and discovered that the best way to prevent them rippling when I did the zig zag topstitching was to stick on strips of Press'n'seal, pin and sew through it. (Phew - need to stop for a breath after that sentence!) That's fine, but pulling it out afterwards is a total PITA! Worth it for the nice result, but it took the rest of the day (around feeding, changing nappies, cooking meals, changing more nappies, washing said nappies.... you get the idea!) to finish all seven seams. Then all of Saturday to finish the jacket. It fits fine, but I could have gone down a size, and the bust point is about 5cm too high. Naturally I'd overlocked the darts before I discovered this. I've never had this problem before, so didn't check! There aint a Wonderbra engineered that's going to get the girls into position for THESE darts! The fabric is dark, and it isn't too obvious, so I can live with them. Next time.....

For Georgia, I made Jalie 2795 which I really like (and so does she). I love the unusual hood, and the close fit. I did at least take photos of this before the camera batteries died (note to self: GET NEW RECHARGABLES!). I also made her Jalie 2788 because she was dying for a twist top after I kept making them for me. As far as I've seen, the Jalie pattern is the only one which is available in children's sizes. I love the fact that it has a modesty panel - my nine year old does NOT need to show cleavage, thank you very much! Since it's winter I raised the back neckline and lengthened the sleeves to wrist length. She had approved the fabrics chosen from my stash (we decided on a contrasting fabric for the modesty panel) and knew I'd cut it and begun sewing, but I finished it last night after she went to bed. I left it out for her to wear today. Yes I'm Mum of the Year this week!

Next up pants for me. I'm going to make them tight because I finally decided to ditch the baby fat. I've had it for a year, and I'm sick of it. So far I'm down 4kg. I'm not going to tell my very observant husband. (He doesn't read this!) I want to see how much it takes before he notices.


  1. I cant wait to see pictures of Vogue 1061. This pattern has been on my ever increasing must sew list for a while.

  2. I've never heard of press and seal. Is it like steam a seam? Only I guess without the steaming but pressing. Could be useful for heat intolerant fabrics.

    Well done for shedding 4kg! I admire anyone who has that kind of will power.

  3. I hope your hubby notices soon ...lol!
    I look forward to seeing the photos of your sewing when everything is back on-line again.

  4. Mary Nanna, Press'n'seal is made by Glad, and it's a food wrap product. (It's adverts show a plane load of people sealing up all their messy stuff.) It sticks to clean dry surfaces (and fabric) and pulls away without leaving a residue. Only PITA is that it STICKS and it can be hard to get all the bits out of a zigzag. I used it for the embroidery on my red coat too. It works a treat as a removable stabilizer. I'll be posting a pic of how I used it for the seams when I can get photos on my computer again. I figure if it works for me someone else might want to give it a crack.

    Gotta love sewing shopping at the supermarket!

  5. Can't wait to see the photos too!

    Where do you get your Jalie patterns from?

  6. Imaan, hope your new little one is behaving! I got my Jalie patterns with my friend Keely through a co-op run by Debbie Cook from Pattern Review, but Keely has also bought them directly through Pattern Review. I love them! 27 sizes in one pattern, and they fit so well.