Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Progress on drafting

I'd forgotten how much fun it is drafting pattern blocks. The Aldrich book has size charts from a British standard, and while they are odd in places (scye depth of 5.5cm for a one year old vs Aldrich's 20ish for a 2 year old?!) they are a good place to start. I've always liked maths, and drafting blocks is a simple process of following a plotting plan. You need to pay attention, but there's no complicated working out to do. (I did make my own decision on the scye depth by what looked right to my eye though.) So here's my completed block for an overgarment, via the basic bodice block.

And here's the sleeve. It has a very high looking sleeve cap, and the curve still looks a bit pointy, but that's what toiles are for! Next stop is to make a quick toile to see how this block works. I compared the pieces to the pattern I used for Nicholas' jean jacket and was pleased with the comparison. Just not sure about that very high sleeve cap.

I took these two photos on my desk. To get an aerial shot I stood on a chair. Naturally this was pretty fascinating to the twins, and when I looked down, I saw this:

Excuse the ratty pink socks. It's winter and my feet are cold :-)


  1. good luck with the pattern drafting. I thoroughly recommend Pattern Making for Fashion Design (4th Edition) by Helen Joseph Armstrong (International Edition). It is available from Dymocks. Your twins are too cute!

  2. What a great photo of the twins!

    I wonder if the scye discrepancy has to do with differing definitions of where to measure to place it. I don't have the Aldrich book (yet) so just guessing...

  3. Heehee - now how long till that monkey of yours tries to climb on the chair himself? ;) And I'm sure I will be egging him on!

  4. Lol, that was 'I' as in his sister, not me. }:]