Thursday, June 4, 2009

How I Get Stuff Done.

Every now and then someone will ask (usually with a tone of disbelief) just HOW I get any sewing done with twin babies. The answer is two fold. Firstly, I have been blessed with babies who do this:

Usually for a couple of hours (sometimes THREE!) every day. Secondly, while the little darlings are thus occupied, I ignore all the housework I should be doing, and sew instead :-)

Apart from today, when I am glumly contemplating the fact that no matter which way I squint my eyes and rack my brains the fabric I desperately want to turn into pants will Not Look Good as pants. It's a stretch woven (so far so good) in a lovely sagey green with the teeniest subtle pink pin stripe. Where it falls down for pants is that it has a stretchy design element woven into it which gives it lovely texture and dimension, but I have a sinking feeling that pants made out of it will look like pyjamas. And not in a good way. Before I pre-shrunk it it was flat. I worried that washing would release the stretch, and sure enough, this is how it ended up:

So what do I do with it? Pants are out. It is telling me that it wants to be a jacket, but I don't currently need a jacket. So, it will sit while I re-think the pants. (Still ignoring the housework though.)


  1. Glad to see someone who has their priorities straight. Always put sewing before housework. Any other way leads to insanity.

  2. Why is a picture of a baby sleeping always so lovely? My first son slept really well, and I did sew still then, but not the second one, that was the end of my sewing at that time!

  3. What about a shirt you can also wear over the top of an easy comfy knit (b'feeding?) top? It doesn't look like you'd need to iron it (thus freeing up further sewing time)...

  4. You know I get to see images like this in real life all the time, but it still makes me go "ohhhhh"... for 3 reasons:
    1. one sleeping baby is beautiful, so two is doubly so
    2. I love the connection twins still seem to have in their sleep (do you often find them in the same position.. we do)
    3. That I know the Mum is having a break from her grogeous babies!

    PS. I hope you've solved your fabric dilemma.