Saturday, July 20, 2013

Well that was quick.

Um, this took about a month. I knew it'd be quicker than my last dress, but even so, it worked up way quicker than I expected!  Based on the amount of thread used, I'm guessing 60-80 hours of work.  This is the Alabama Chanin corset top, and the skirt from their tank dress pattern.  I intend that these two pieces can be worn together or separately.

This is what normally happens when I try to take photos during the weekend.

And because I CAN'T be without an Alabama Chanin project, and haven't found the right shade of rasberry pink for the rose dress I want to make next, I raced out this morning and bought this lot, directly inspired by the fitted top with poetry stencil shown on the Alabama Chanin Journal last week.  M did roll her eyes slightly when I went into her workplace to print out the stencil and get the laminator plastic to use as the stencil.  Can't think why.