Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When one has 100 or so spare hours...

.... naturally, one does this:

Which looks like this, when you get up close:

My Alabama Chanin tank dress is coming along just nicely, and I reckon the 100 hours is probably going to be a bit of an under estimate by the time I'm done.  I find the completely hand worked project is incredibly restful, which in my busy noisy household is kind of nice.

Meanwhile, because it is July it must be time to start thinking about Christmas.  One of the twins' kindy teachers admired my fingerless gloves, so I figured a pair for each of the three of them would be a nice gift at the end of the year.  This pile is destined to become several pairs of Alabama Chanin style fingerless gloves.

The one pair I have actually begun to stitch has got this far.  Being small and portable they're an ideal craft night activity.  The design is drawn onto Press'n'Seal which will be pulled out after stitching.

Sewing machine is eyeing me reproachfully every time I sit at my desk to stitch.