Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Gray skirt.

Hehehe - only time I will spell the colour "gray".  (In honour of David Gray naturally. Yes I'm that easily amused.) I finished my skirt in time for the concert, which was seriously bucket-list amazing!  Best.Event.Ever.

Here's a dodgy phone pic of how I wore it to work afterwards.  I wore the silver top (a Vogue Issey Miyake design I made a few years ago), no tights, and a dressier jacket to the concert.  Too excited to get a pic of that! Did I mention that the concert was AMAZING!?

And after I finished that I started this dress.  Which I put aside for a while to work on something else, then came back to and finished in record time.  If I'd gone full-on from start to finish it would have been done in less than a fortnight!  

I wanted to try this dress pattern (the long version of my words top) before I commit to a more labour-intensive embellishment idea.  I like it!  I love the cardy I'm wearing in the above pic - a mid weight long sleeved bolero from work, which I do not yet own.  It matches my dress perfectly, so I think it might be my next purchase.....