Saturday, December 15, 2012

How a 13 year old should dress.

Georgia is 13. (Scary thought).  Last Thursday her school held their year 8 social.  Naturally this required dressing up.  She wanted a mullet skirt, but to my eternal relief, not as short as the thigh high hemlines of the skirts in Supre.  She wanted to spend her birthday Spotlight voucher on fabric for her awesome Mum (her words, I swear!) to make one to her specifications.  We bought her new (flat) shoes, she borrowed a top from me and added a cardy she's had for ages, onto which she sewed purple buttons some time ago.  I put her hair into hot rollers for the occasion, and she painted her nails.  And that's it.  This is the only photo of her, (taken by her friend with an ipod or something) as I forgot to take one in the rush to get to the social!

I loved how she looked - like a 13 year old girl, not like a 20 year old hooker.  Most of the girls had new dresses, many a lot shorter than I would have liked Georgia to wear!  I wonder how long she and I will see eye to eye on appropriate clothing?  She LOVES the skirt, and was so thrilled to have me make her something exactly as she wanted.  It didn't hurt that some girls in her class came up to her and said how much they loved her skirt and said it didn't look like the ones in the shops (better), and where did she get it, and how lucky she is to have a Mum to make it.

As an aside, it felt very very different to be making her a pretty skirt to wear to a social - I've made plenty of things for her for special occasions, and plenty of dresses for other girls to wear to school dances, but it really hammered home that my little girl won't be for much longer.

I think this post is to mark a moment for me, in case my lovely Georgia turns into a horrible teenager who only wants label clothes approved by her peers, and sneers at the things I make her, and would rather have a trashy piece of (bought) rubbish for her formal than something her Mum made.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The least alike twins in the world

 I made this dress for Isabella. (BWOF 01/09, #136b) It's one I threw aside in disgust a little while ago when I realised that as drafted it wouldn't go over her head.  Thanks Burda. I ended up drafting the original strap arrangement into actual straps that cross over at the back.  Fortunately I had plenty of fabric to cut them.

I made her a size 110.  She's recently been measured at 108cm tall, and as you can see, this barely hits her knee!  She is in the 75th percentile for height, and about 90th for weight, so sewing for her requires a little thought in the exact opposite direction from Nicholas!

Red and white gingham, fresh and pretty, and festive to boot.  She put the santa hat on, and willingly did a little dance for me to photograph.

I should have shown a picture of them together to really show the size disparity, but anyway here's Nicholas, also today.  Cute outfit isn't it?  His shorts are size 3-6months baby jeans, (bought for 50c from the kindy fair - bargain!) and his T shirt is a size 1.

Their personalities are also as different as can be. When I first found out I was having fraternal twins I thought it would be nice if they were different sexes so that they didn't necessarily go through their whole lives identified as "the twins" if they didn't want to.  I sure got what I wished for :-)