Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Toile #1, Sleeve #3.

As expected, the sleeve cap on the first draft was too high and narrow. I decided to alter it, which I did this way: First I cut the sleeve along the vertical grain line, and then horizontally at three points within the sleeve cap. Each time almost to, but not through the edge (which is the stitching line). Then I just pulled it apart and overlapped the bits till it looked like this:

After adding back the length lost by this method, I had version #2 of the sleeve. This pic shows the toile with versions #1 and #2. #2 is a considerable improvement, but still not quite there.

So I repeated the process once more to get version #3, which is almost perfect.
The fabric I used for this toile is very springy, and hard to flatten, hence the wrinkles at centre front. I've tried this toile on both babies at each stage (loads of fun trying toiles on wriggly babies!) and decided that the sleeve is just as I want it.
Next up, turn my blocks into a DESIGN! Now I remember why I don't draft from scratch - it's great fun, but very time consuming. Still, once my block is perfected it's easy to modify into whatever design I choose.


  1. Not a comment on your current post. Just wanted to let you know I spotted a coat in the same style as your beautiful red coat in a shop window in Brisban on the week-end. I wish I had taken a photo for you... You are bang on instyle!

  2. I haven't forgotten what a pain pattern drafting is! That's why I avoid it unless i have to - you just have to know so much about how things fit and are constructed and finished. You really really have to know your stuff or be someone who likes winging it.

    Years ago I did the pattern drafting course at the Otago Polytech - it was run by Dale Cross and a woman called Michelle - wow did they know their stuff. What I learned from that course is that I don't know enough to draft things myself.

    Still it was handy, and it means I REALLY admire people who can do it, because I understand the work and expertise involved.