Thursday, June 18, 2009

I love old photos

I took the twins to visit my parents today, and while was there Mum showed me some photos her sister had sent her recently. They showed the family on holiday at the beach, on holiday in a rented boat , visiting Mum at boarding school, and even a couple of Mum at about a year of age! Most of them were TINY - about 4cm by 6cm, but utterly fascinating. I borrowed them and as soon as I got home and put the twins down for a nap I spent two hours scanning them into my computer. I couldn't find the software that goes with our scanner, but Adobe worked ok and to my delight the pictures were viewable at a decent size. (That's why it took two hours - figuring out how to optimize scanning took a while).

So anyway, here's my Mum and her younger sister in (I think) Swannage (no idea how to spell that, have to check with Mum) in England. Mum looks about 12-13, so it'd be about 1947/8. See all the post war revellers at the beach?

I loved this photo as soon as I saw it, because it's the only photo I've ever seen of my Mum where I thought - gosh I look like her! This could be me at the same age. I like the feeling of connection to my history.

Which brings me to a story my Dad told me today. According to his Mum, their family is descended via John of Gaunt from Richard the Lionheart! True or not, what a fantastic thing to be able to claim!

Next time I see Mum she has more old photos, including her parents' wedding photo. Can't WAIT to see that one.

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  1. i think you must be a clone! You look just like her.