Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm going to be a bit quiet for a week or two

Who started talking about dying appliances? Our computer died at the weekend. David's good friend is a computer expert and very kindly took a fair bit of time to do some surgery. (He's trying to fit six months of development work into one month. I'm incredibly grateful that he took several hours out!) Turns out one of our two hard drives (the one with all our stuff on it) has expired. He put windows onto our other one, and some of our stuff, but until we buy a new hard drive he didn't have room to try and resurrect the other stuff. Almost all of our photos are ok (after 5 years, we only backed them up onto discs a few weeks ago!) but some are still missing - everything since the back-up oddly. If they are irretrievable we'll lose all the pics of the twins' birthday except the one I posted here, and all others since, but that's not as bad as losing EVERY PHOTO since 2004! Also all the pics from my Mum which I scanned are currently on the dead hard drive. Worst case scenario I have to rescan them. I did find the disc for the scanner software when I was hunting for the windows disc though, so that'd be easier.

Anyway, to cut this long ramble short, our computer is currently working, but the hard drive we're using is chock-full. I can't re-install the camera software, and I can't upload any photos from camera to computer till we get a new hard drive. Since I like photos with my posts, that means probably not a whole lot of posting till we're back at full capacity. On the plus side, I'm getting a fair bit of sewing done, and I'll have lots to post when I can!


  1. Oh I feel your pain. I'm going through exactly the same thing atm. Like you most of our photos were backed up, except for very recent ones which are mostly sewing, but I lost a lot of other stuff, included some drafted patterns. I hope you didn't lose your recently drafted patterns.

    I won't tell you it's taken me four solid days (day and night) to re-install all my software and data on my new hard drive. Time I would have rather used to be sewing. :( It's such a major inconvienence.

    There must be something in the air because the previous sewing blog I read to yours also lost her hard drive. That's three of us. Go figure.

  2. look forward to seeing what you made when you're back on line!

  3. Just think of the huge pile of sewing you'll get done without the distraction of the 'puter!

  4. Good luck with the computer. Just sew.