Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm BACK! (sort of)

It finally occurred to me that I could probably put photos straight from my camera to my blog rather than onto the computer first, then blog. The downside to this is editing. I have photos of my Vogue top which are sideways, and consequently not going to make it here till I can turn them around. These ones could use a bit of cropping, but I can live with my wrist pincushion and sewing machine popping into view.

This is the toile of my first attempt at a jacket block using the shirt block draft from Aldrich. I got a bit creative with some of the measurements, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. This is for a size 80, and fits both Isabella and Nicholas as I want it to. Enough room, but not too much. Unfortunately neither was willing to pose for a photo!

From that I did a jean jacket draft of which I have yet to make my first prototype because (as so often happens) after many hours of work to get to that point I ran out of steam on it! And I got an idea from a really cute girl's jacket I saw on the web somewhere, and just HAD to try it out. Since I already had my blocks it was a very quick process from idea to completed pattern. And then I had to make a toile to see how it looked. So here it is, designated JAR #2 as my second drafted pattern from my own drafted blocks. (Jean jacket is JAR #1)

Unfortunately the photo isn't very sharp. The skirt is applied onto the bodice with three rows of topstitching holding the external box pleats flat. The sleeves have belts threaded through belt loops, and will be held with a button. I may do a buttonhole and make it functional, or just a button for decoration. Or snaps. We'll see!

The fabric was a b**ch to work with! I bought it long ago for goodness knows what reason. It's very thin, probably treated cotton. It has zero give, even on the bias, and Will Not Ease. Setting collar and sleeves was much harder than it should have been. It creases easily, but does not press well. I did say a few bad words over this!

Anyway, I'm very pleased with how the design worked out, and if Isabella needs a dressy coat in a hurry I might finish it for her. Otherwise it's on to version #2. I see this in a soft mushroomy pink cotton twill with pretty buttons and pockets....

New hard drive this week - yippeeeeee!!!!!!!


  1. The jackets look brilliant and I really love the girlie version, would look lovely in a bright baby cord too?

  2. very nice .. I am so impressed with the level of detail .. especially since it's for someone else! Well made children's clothes just look so fantastic.

  3. The coat for Isabella is even cuter than you'd described. Tho that could be down to my ability to visualise from the description over the phone, lol. The triple topstiching gives an interesting effect - very clever.