Monday, July 27, 2009

My Very Own Designs

And here it is, all finished. Probably. I've put the three buttons I originally envisioned on the bodice, and I think it's actually ok like this. Once I'd made the coat I was worried that it'd need a button or two on the skirt part, but I didn't have enough turned back facing to put in buttonholes. (I'll modify my pattern for that in future). After a lot of thought, (and consultation with friends) I decided that a trouser hook and eye at the pleats should do what was needed. So I dug one out and put on the buttons. Only to then decide that actually I'm not convinced that it needs the hook to help hold it nicely! So, provisionally finished. I'll try it on Isabella when she wakes up (and I have some extra hands to hold her still for a pic.) Then I'll decide!

I went to visist a friend yesterday to play with her sewing machine. It does a lot of stitches, including three fonts of lettering, and she let me make some labels to sew into my own designs (I did bring the velvet coat I've been making for her, which might have helped!) I had a lovely time playing around, and after several samples came up with the one you can see in the coat below. It's not sewn in yet. Since I made the labels after the coat I'm going to have to hand sew it in, but in future I'll put them in during construction.
I think I took a close up of it, so I'll put that in my next post. I decided on the name "Oxshott Tots". Oxshott is the name of the village (in England) where my mother grew up. The vibe of my designs sort of felt like an English village in the thirties (probably influenced by the old photos I've been scanning for Mum!), so this appealed. I may change my mind. I often do.
This is JAR #3, a pinafore I made to go with the coat. The idea for the design popped into my head while I was watching TV on Friday evening (Supernatural, anyone?), and I had the dress drafted and made by Saturday afternoon. I was very pleased to be able to use the first block I drafted, for a bodice. I didn't use it for the jacket designs because even when it was altered appropriately it didn't work as I wanted. Nice to know I didn't waste my time drafting it! The rose design on the skirt is from the same stencil as the one on the coat, applied in the same way.

Up next, a few behind the seams (sorry, pinched that) how-tos of some of my details.


  1. You should be proud of this set.

  2. So cute, and even better seen in person. :)

  3. What a lovely set. The coat is just so gorgeous!