Friday, July 17, 2009

Some of what I've been up to

Woohoo! New hard drive! I got the camera software installed PDQ so I could put photos onto the computer and edit them. Here's a selection of what I got up to while I was not blogging.

This is Jalie 2682 , which I made for myself a couple of years ago in the sleeveless version. I always planned to make it for Georgia and finally got around to it a few days ago. I loved that we could decide at lunch time that I'd make if for her, and even including tracing her size it was done by 3pm! And I had to feed and change the twins in that time as well! I love the shape of this, especially the neck. Nice and warm for a winter T shirt. She loves it. I'm annoyed that I wasn't paying attention to lining up the print when I cut it out - doh!

This will be revisited a number of times for both of us and Isabella I suspect!

This is the best of a number of truly horrible photos of my new trousers. (Tip - never let a distracted nine year old be your photographer. Wait for your husband, who will at least get you in focus!) They're #101 from BWOF 05/09. I cut a size 42, but ended up taking them in enough that they're probably more like a 40. I also adjusted the legs by taking them in a little at the knee, then cutting straight to the hems to reduce the width of the lower legs. The magazine made them in satin, but in my heavy denim that was going to be too full. I should have shortened the front crotch length, but when I muslined them they were ok. If I'd sewn in a zip instead of holding them closed I'd have had a better idea though! However, I never ever wear tops tucked in, so it's not a big deal. The muffin I'm sporting in this pic is due to my top, (another Ottobre nursing top) not my actual muffin, which I'm happy to report is now 7kg smaller than it was a couple of months ago. Still no comment from the husband.

And this is V1061, the Sandra Betzina wrap top. It's quite a dark colour, so hard to photograph. this is the best I could get. Here's the front. On me it sits more snugly to my front.

And the back. The hood looks good, but in this rather slippery fabric it's inclined to slip down to cover my shoulders a bit. If it annoys me I'll take it off. You can't see the panel seams very well unfortunately. On me it sits a bit loosely at the back. I'm not sure if I was off in my seaming, or whether I should have gone down a size. I absolutely definitely need to adjust the bust point for my next version of this - no Wonderbra in the world can hoick my bustline up THAT high!

When I put my photos on my computer I realised that the ones I'd taken of a Jalie sweatshirt
I made for Georgia were no good because I took them in the conservatory with sun and shade obscuring a lot of the details. I'll have to try again.
I've also been working on the design for the baby coat from my last post, and have a store in town willing to look at what I make with a view to stocking it! No promises, but I'm dead keen to produce something saleable now and see what they think. Fingers crossed.


  1. wow - a lot of great work there - I love the seaming on the back of your Sandra B top - isn't it wonderful to sew her patterns after BWOF - all those instructions - so minutely detailed and so many pictures .. I end up shaking my head and thinking, "I'm not an idiot you know," but it's only the shock of having so much help.

    Good to see those trousers - I've had them earmarked for further down the track - I even have the fabric, a demin as well, but a softer lighter one than your one so maybe I'll have fewer alterations with the drape at the bottom.

  2. Very productive non-computer time. The SB top looks interesting but I'm still in two minds over the front/back styling. I'll have to see it on you. And you're right - that is soooo my colour of fabric.
    Oh, and snap! on the fabric for G's top. Guess what I have in my stash for a summer tee for S, lol.