Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Almost done

I'm almost done! Once again dodgy pictures, largely due to dodgy weather and lack of light. All I have left to do now are the buttons and buttonholes before a final press. I'm still pondering just exactly what I'll do with those. My first thought was just to put three buttons on the top section, but now I see it made I'm a bit worried that that won't be enough. Problem is that the skirt doesn't have a very wide facing (since I didn't plan to put buttons on it) and I'm not really sure whether it'll stand up to having buttonholes put in. Frog style buttons and loops might work better. As I said, still pondering.

This equally dim pic shows the lining. The coat fabric is a mushroomy pink, very pale. The lining is mushroomy brown. They go really well together I think.

I'd love to photograph it on Isabella when it's all done, but I have visions of her drooling, spitting up, having a leaky nappy........ we'll see!

I've just started sewing my jean jacket prototype. That at least I can do in my sleep since I've made that style several times before.


  1. wow - that looks gorgeous .. I love the detailing at the wrist and the bodice tucks and the pink on pink fabric and lining. Totally adorable.

  2. Gorgeous! What a lucky daughter you have to get such fantastic clothes made for her. I love the wrist details in particular...very cool.

  3. Judy, this is adorable! The workmanship is first class. It is almost a shame given they grow so quickly.