Friday, April 3, 2009

More quick sewing

The Miyake coat is all cut out and I've done all the thread marking. But that'll be another post. In the meantime I made this dress for Isabella. It's Ottobre 06/08, #9. Since she's not the chubbiest baby on the block, I just made her a size 62 and lengthened it.

It's handy having a big sister to hold you up to show off your new dress. Isabella will smile at anyone, and is already showing a fondness for smiling for the camera. Have I created a monster?

This is where I got the fabric. Several years ago Keely and I got a couple of these dresses just for the fabric - a lovely soft, lightweight, beautifully coloured denim. They were selling them for something like $2 each - how could we resist? I made baby pants and a dress from another one at the time, and this one has been languishing in the stash till now. I should have taken a picture before I cut it up, but didn't think of it in time, so here it is after I butchered it. I saved the decorative label from the dress and sewed it on the skirt of the new dress. I'm not sure whether the leftover bits of dress are worth saving or not. What can I make from this much denim? Panelled pants or a skirt maybe?

And I made this skirt for me. It's BWOF 03/09, #105. I really liked the style of this one when I saw it in the magazine, and bought the fabric especially for it. (Nothing in the stash appealed. Imagine that!) It's a suiting fabric called "Jacqui" from Spotlight, and works really well for this design. I like the way the skirt sits. It has fullness, but because it's all done by the three very large pleats, there's no added bulk around the bum, which I seriously don't need! I wore it yesterday, and I'm really pleased with it.

I thought about piping the edges of the pockets, but I was too tired the day I sewed this to be bothered hunting out piping cord and fabric. Next time however......

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  1. Cute dress! The baby isn't bad either. ;)
    I've still got one of those dresses hanging in E's wardrobe - it made a great 'munchkin' dress for the school musical.