Thursday, April 23, 2009

@#$%^!!!!!! Appliances!

This has nothing to do with sewing (hang on, it kind of does) but I have to vent! My @#$$%^ washing machine has packed a sad - only a couple of weeks after we got the @#$%^ thing fixed! We haven't even got the bill yet! (I know it's a new problem, because it kindly tells us it's a "code 131" - last time was a "code 43" and last time it was the out of balance switch, this time it won't spin) It has a load of nappies in it which it refuses to spin. And I wanted to pre-shrink the wincyette interlining for my Miyake coat next! (So it is kind of a sewing related rant). We have a borrowed machine which we used while our own was out of action last time, but I can't disconnect the hose from our machine to hook up the other one since DH did it up so tightly! So I have to wait till he comes home for lunch and rescues me. I really hate being dependent on someone else because my wrists are too feeble to undo a hose >:-(

And I finished the embroidery on the coat last night. Sigh.....

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