Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jeans for the girls

After my issues with sewing things requiring Any Mental Effort Whatsoever, I figured jeans are definitely safe - if I had a dollar for every pair of kids jeans I've sewn I'd be able to afford a night nurse for the twins for a start! Anyway, here's another pair of Ottobre 06/07, #32 for Georgia. They don't go with her T shirt AT ALL, but I wanted a photo of Isabella in her new jeans and Georgia wanted in on the action. These ones are made from a lovely soft baby cord which I've had long enough that had I not made this size for Georgia, I couldn't have made a bigger one.

This pair is based on Ottobre 04/08, #2. I "jeans-ified" them in exactly the same way as I did Nicholas' recently. The fabric for these was a remnant of denim inherited from Keely a few years ago. Again, if I hadn't made this size I wouldn't have got a bigger size out of the piece I had.

And the back view. I think the rear pockets are too small. For her next pair I'll make them just a smidge bigger. The proportions look a little off to me.

And here are the girls wearing their jeans. Isabella's fit her fine, but with non-stretch denim she could perhaps do with more butt-room. (She wears cloth nappies). Next time I'll add a little width and height to the bum if I use non-stretch fabric.


  1. Hi Judy,

    Great sewing - you put Ottobre to excellent use. Your finished products are very inspiring on your cute kids. BTW, I sent you a PM on Pattern Review asking about you Issey Miyake jacket - I can't wait to see it finished as it's one of my favourites. All the best, Natasha (Sydney, Australia)

  2. Very cute jeans. Hmmm, are you sure that denim came from me? I don't remember it at all!

  3. Such cute little jeans. I am a fellow Ottobre fan... found your blog via the pattern review website.