Sunday, April 12, 2009

Babies are hard to photograph!

I tried really hard to photograph Nicholas in the latest version of his modified Ottobre jeans. (I see on their blog that the next magazine has jeans in it - can't wait!). The boy just won't stay still! So this is the best I could do. At least it's a good picture of how the back looks. They're made from babycord, topstitched in navy. Since he's a crawler, these are mostly going to be "out in the buggy" pants. To be worn when I want him to look presentable.

Isabella is easier to photograph but she's now a crawler too, so this isn't the best shot of her new pants. They're from Ottobre 04/08, #2. I traced this one from Keely and only traced a size 62. Naturally I didn't get to it as soon as I meant to, and had to make them longer. I did that by drawing a line perpendicular to the grainline at the narrowest point of the leg (they're flared pants) and adding 2cm extra length at that point. It's enough, but I added 5cm for another pair to give more growing room. They fit beautifully, so I think I'll make her a bunch more - even with the trim at the hem they're incredibly quick to make, and look very cute on their own or with a dress.

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  1. Wow, you managed to get a shot of N without someone holding him down, lol. Both pairs of trou look cute. Doesn't I look pleased with herself? :)