Sunday, April 12, 2009

Progress on the Miyake coat

It started as this - a large pile of traced and lengthened pattern pieces.

From that point I cut it out and spent ages thread marking all the dots, triangles, buttonholes and the welt pockets. I colour coded the markings so that they'll be (hopefully) clearer when I come to construct the coat. Didn't take a pic of that step. Then I did a bit of experimenting to work out how I'm going to embellish the coat. I got a rose motif from BWOF 01/09, and for my trial just traced a leaf from it onto Glad Press'n'Seal and stuck it onto a scrap of fabric and stitched through it. I love how this technique works - it stabilises the fabric really well, and is easy to do. Picking out the plastic can be a bit tedious, but the design is very accurately marked, and no hint is left on the garment afterwards. A pair of tweezers helps.

These are the two threads I tried. I wish my photos were clearer - they look fine on my computer, but lose a lot of clarity when I post them. The one on the left does actually show up fine, but I liked the bolder effect of the sample on the right. It's actually crochet cotton, split into two of the six strands. It gets fuzzy pretty quickly, so I need to use short lengths.

And this is how it'll look when I'm done. This is only on the lower edge of the right front. I was going to do both fronts, but I think I'll leave it just on one side. I think all along the front might be a bit busy.

At least I'll have plenty to do while I digest my easter chocolate.


  1. hay am I not surprised to see roses ;) I like design. You're going to be a busy lady - hope you've got a lot of chocolate!

  2. Oops, that was supposed to be 'Why am I not surprised'. Not enough caffeine this morning.