Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exhaustion+sewing=dodgy measuring

She really doesn't look like the kind of baby who demands to be nursed four or five times a night does she? (After sleeping through the night for several months!)

Between her, and Nicholas waking a couple of times as well, sleep is not going well for me at the moment. So I should know better than to tackle anything that requires Any Mental Effort Whatsoever.

I figured this pinafore should be fine - even a half asleep zombie could make this, right? It's from Topkids 44, #9. It's a size 74, which I figured should fit Isabella pretty well. The photo in the magazine looked very short, so I compared the pattern pieces to the last dress I made her. This one was WAY shorter. This is where the mental effort comes in. I didn't allow for the fact that the pinafore has straps - DUH! I also didn't take note of how much wider it is than her existing dress, which fits her beautifully. End result: a very cute pinafore, which I really like, which will fit her till she's about three. It's not a disaster, but not what I was hoping for!

Lesson learnt - don't sew if you can't think.

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