Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looking like a coat!

Wow - minus the collar, we have a coat!

If you click on the picture you get a bigger image, which shows the details a little better.

I knew from my tissue fit that this would fit me pretty well, but this is one of those patterns you NEED to either carefully tissue fit, or try as a muslin first. If the angle of the shoulder line does not match you, it'll be nearly impossible to rectify, as there is very little wiggle room in the design for tweaks after you cut it out.

The sleeves are fairly narrow on this. Again, I knew from my tissue fit that they'd be ok on me. I won't be able to wear anything too bulky under it, but I wasn't planning to anyway. I added length to them before cutting, as I have fairly long arms and it's a whole lot easier to cut off excess than figure out a way to make them longer!

Construction wise, this is pretty straightforward. The instructions are clear, and apart from one or two very minor changes of order I have followed them so far. In my opinion, this isn't terribly complicated to construct.

AMEW did appear a bit. I began by ignoring the instructions and sewing the fronts so that I could do the welt pockets first before the coat got too bulky. (That's one of my changes of order - the instructions have you do them way further on.) Then I read the instructions and discovered that instead of being pressed open, the seam was supposed to be sewn in one pass with the undersleeve, and topstitched to one side. Oops. They were also supposed to be single welt pockets, and I just blithely went and made double welt pockets! Oops again! I decided against trying to do the topstitching after the fact - there's no way I could make it look nice at the pocket edges. The one thing I am annoyed with myself for is pocket placement. The pattern is for a jacket. I made it into a coat. At what point do you think it occurred to me that the pockets should have been placed about 10-15cm lower - coat height rather than jacket height? Yep - after I'd made them and held the coat front up to myself. DOH! Having them at this height throws off the visual balance a bit to my eye, but there's not a lot I can do about it. I am not making more pockets lower down!

Next up, I'll be making the collar and attaching it. The instructions have you fold the edge and zig zag, but I don't fancy that, so I'll double fold and straight stitch.

Hopefully I can get more fabric for the front facings either tomorrow or Thursday. And some buttons. The shop I got the fabric at (Anne's Fabrics in Dunedin) has very cool buttons, so I'm hoping I can get something there.

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