Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Next up - a Miyake!

I love wandering into a fabric shop and discovering that Vogues are buy one get two free! I've been really fancying a more challenging project after all the quick and easy kids projects I've been making recently, and this one (V1052) fit the bill. I can justify a new coat! And I love Issey Miyake.

I am going to lengthen it to about knee length, and I'm considering interlining it with wincyette (flannelette - the fluffy stuff you make kids pjs with) as well as lining it. A nice bit of extra warmth, without too much bulk. After having a good read through the (very comprehensive) instructions I realized that while this one does have some very interesting construction, it is not nearly as origami -like as some of his designs. (Pity - I LOVE the challenge of his really complicated designs!)

I'm anticipating needing quite a number of naps to get this one made - today's afternoon nap (plus a bit over) was spent tracing the pattern and adding length to the pieces (there are 15, and the only ones not needing length are the two collar pieces and the tie!). Tomorrow I'll do some more accurate measuring and try to finish all the pattern adjustments. (I'm not sure how much extra hip width I need yet, so I haven't even cut my pattern out.) If I'm really lucky, I'll get to tissue fit. I may need to do a little shaping around the waist too. There is a bit of shaping there, but I'm not sure if it'll be enough. On a longer coat I think the waist looks better if it's a bit more defined. Thank goodness I have a dress form to try it out on!

I bought some red "proofed cotton" for this one, which has a nice body to it. You can't beat a bright cheerful coat for drab winter days. You never know, I might even get a bit more creative on this one yet. There was a very cool design for embroidered roses (for a cushion) in a recent BWOF. Maybe I could do some around the hem, in the same colour for a subtle(ish) textural interest? Maybe a contrasting colour, like charcoal grey for a real pop?
Maybe I should just get on with it so I can wear it before next summer.

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