Friday, March 13, 2009

Major headswell

I was in town today, wearing my beloved wool cashmere coat which I made a couple of years ago. I did the beading myself, and did a LOT of hand sewing on it - this was a major project, and I really took my time on it.

Pretty awful picture - I think I had a cold when it was taken!

Anyway, today I wandered into a shop that sells beautiful high end baby wares, only to be FOLLOWED IN by a lady specifically to admire my coat! She asked where I got it, and I have to admit a major swell of pride as I told her I'd made it myself, and yes, I did the beading myself too. I never quite know what to say when I get that kind of reaction from total strangers to things I've made. I feel great pride, but also a bit of embarrassment, as though admitting that I made it myself is somehow showing off. I like to think that I feel humble pride. How's that?


  1. That's great! Thanks for sharing the story with us. You should definitely be proud of your hard work on that beautiful coat!

  2. It's not showing off if they compliment you first then ask you. It's taking well-deserved pride in your handiwork. You never know - you might be responsible for encouraging somebody to try sewing!

    However, if you were accosting complete strangers, tackling them to the ground and forcing them to compliment you..... ;)