Saturday, March 7, 2009

One nap at a time

I have taken to utilising the twins' nap times to get as much sewing done as possible. I find it's amazing how much I can accomplish in one 1 1/2 - 2 hour block of UNINTERRUPTED time! The past couple of days have produced these - leggings are Ottobre 06/08, #2. I made Isabella a size 68, lengthened by 2cm. She is just under 68cm tall, and these have a nice amount of growing room in them. I cut the fabric across the grain because I only had a very short remnant to work with. Great idea, furnished by Keely.

The jacket is Ottobre 06/08, #4. I made this an unaltered size 68, and again it has a nice amount of growing room in it without being huge. Have I ever mentioned that I am totally in love with Ottobre?

Isabella has a habit of returning bits of her meals, making her a bit messy at times. So for that reason, and to make it warmer, I made this reversible. I used two layers of the same fabric because I didn't have another one which co-ordinated nicely, and because I figured that if she makes a mess of one side I can turn it inside out to look tidy if needed, and it'll still match whatever else she's wearing!

I was very lazy about stabilising the neckline, and the back stretched out as I sewed and ended up a bit wide, so took a very lazy way out and made a tuck in the finished neckline. It's a baby garment. Hopefully the couture police won't catch me! Problem solved.

And here she is wearing them, at the beginning of the day, before she got breakfast on it. And lunch. And shortly, probably tea.

Next up is the nursing top from the Ottobre woman's magazine! I love my Jalie nursing tops (I have five, and they're all I've worn since I had the twins), but I'm ready to try a different style! I have it cut out, and it's head of the queue for tomorrow's nap......

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  1. She looks adorable. Great idea to make it reversible and it'll make it nice and warm for the local weather too. :)
    So.... it's Monday now - how'd the new top work out?