Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally, sewing for ME!

It seems like forever since I made anything for myself! I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Keely's Ottobre womens mag for this pattern, in the hopes that it would be good - I love my Jalie nursing tops, but after nine months of them, I'm ready for a change!

This looked promising - I liked the style, the nursing access looked practical, and the pattern has plenty of potential for customizing. So I made a trial to test it out - this fabric is some of a roll I bought for b***** all a while ago. I already have two tops made from it, and used it for a top for my sister as well. If this top was wearable, great, but no heartbreak if not. Naturally I was hoping for wearable - I hate investing time into something I'm not going to wear, even though I KNOW muslins are incredibly useful.

So yesterday's nap time (and some non-nap time) was dedicated to sewing this together. I made a straight size 40 (closest to my current measurements), and apart from shortening it by about 2cm, didn't alter it at all. And to my delight - it's GREAT! I have it on now, so I can say with confidence that the nursing access is as practical as I'd hoped, and the top is comfy and fits well. I'll do a proper review on Pattern Review next nap time.

I heard that someone has made this as a dress, and I really fancy that idea too. I breastfeed *a lot*, so anything that makes it easy is well worth spending time and money on!


  1. Looking good! It must be nice to have a change, great as the Jalie tops are.

  2. I'm with you on muslins... I really, really don't like to cut/sew them up, though they are very useful. But pants are a little different...

    Your nursing top is fantastic!