Saturday, March 21, 2009


I love mint M&Ms. I really, really love them, (I even love the hot chick M&M in her kick-a** boots on the packaging!) but sadly they're no longer available in New Zealand for some unfathomable reason. Keely and I cleaned out every supermarket in town when we realised that they were going, and stocked up when Kmart had some last Christmas, but devastatingly all our sources eventually dried up. The only way to get them is to beg friends and family visiting Australia to get some.

DH went to the Melbourne Airshow last week. I love DH. I really, really love DH, so I didn't ask him to get me ANYTHING sewing related. All I wanted was a small supply of mint M&Ms. He brought back four packets. (Several dozen would have been better, but he had a bit of trouble finding them and four is better than none!) I want to enjoy them for as long as possible, so have imposed a restriction on myself - I will only eat them while sewing.

It's amazing how that motivates me to sew when I'm feeling tired and unenthusiastic after several badly interrupted nights thanks to twins who tag team their night waking!

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  1. Interesting! I've never even heard of mint M&M's... Now I'll have to look around next time I'm in a store!