Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big and little

G is still young enough to think that having a matching top with her baby sister would be really cool! So when I found this fabric at Spotlight on Friday I knew it'd be perfect - not too babyish for a nine year old, with a small enough scaled print to suit a baby, and colours to suit both their wardrobes. G's t shirt is from Ottobre 01/06, #17. I made her a 134, which is about a size bigger than she needs, to give her some growing room. I's bodysuit is Ottobre 01/06, #4. (The same one I altered from my previous post.) It only took an afternoon to make both tops, including pre-shrinking the fabric. (Sewing is a lot easier in the weekend when half the neighbourhood comes over to play with the twins. I highly recommend living in a neighbourhood full of lovely girls about G's age.)

1 comment:

  1. Adorable! How did you find the fit on G's tee? I'm pretty sure I traced this one out of your mag for DD2. :)
    Hopefully G keeps thinking it's cool to match her little sister - I hardly needs a lot of fabric, lol.