Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby trench part 4: Lining pattern and embellishment.

I seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment! After mulling over embellishment options for weeks I found the answer in a book I already own. So I'm out of excuses for procrastination! I needed to make the lining patterns so that I could cut the front and back lining pieces so that I could see how much I had left, since I wanted to use the same lining to line the front and back flaps. Just for a tiny extra pop if anyone peeps.

My photos are terrible - my camera is pretty basic, and doesn't like to focus under artificial light, and I was doing this yesterday evening. This one is the best I could do to illustrate making the front lining pattern. It's very straightforward anyway, so it's no big deal.

First I folded the front pattern piece on it's fold line, and lay tracing paper (good old cheap lunch wrap from the supermarket) over it. I just traced around the front, excluding the facing. I am always very careful to trace the stitching line, not the cutting line, and remember to add seam allowance to this edge. Anyone like to guess why I am now so careful about this step?

After adding it's seam allowance and cutting it out, here it is. I cheated for the back and just used the existing pattern piece. It will be strategically trimmed during construction.

Having cut these pieces from my chosen lining I was able to cut linings for the flaps from the scraps, which was handy since I'd embellished them already. I used exactly the same technique explained in this post and this post.

I'm annoyed with how the colour looks in these photos. The fabric is much more sandy than grey, and the contrasting fabric is the same burgundy I used on the external facings on my pleated dress.
I also made up the front pockets and sewed them on. When laid out as they will be when constructed, the front looks a little like this:

Still lots to do, but I'm liking how it's looking so far. I did draft this one in Isabella's size, just in case....


  1. So cute! The embellishment is very cool and the pleated pockets are too fun.

  2. Hi! You have an award waiting on my blog. Whether you care to pick it up, or not, is perfectly fine. If you choose to, just right-click on the award photo and save it to your computer. Then, add it to your sidebar, if you care to.

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  3. So very very cute. That is going to be one gorgeous coat. I love the details on the panelling - a trench like no other, for sure.

  4. good grief, that kid will be better dressed than most adults. Well. Better dressed than me, at any rate. Ok fine. That's not saying much. This is going to be one amazing baby coat!!