Friday, March 5, 2010

Beangirl, this one's for you!

See, I told you I have a very messy house! This was taken on a good-ish day - you can see most of the floor.
I'm officially jealous of your weather - it's about the same temperature here, and it sure isn't going to get any hotter! Our hottest summer days just barely get into low 30s. I think I'll just console myself with the thought that temps in the 40s are too hot to do anything. Expect snide remarks if you ever complain about the heat ;-)
Oh, and I forgot to mention that we pay someone to come in and clean our bathroom once a week. David suggested it when the twins were tiny and I literally couldn't find the time to do it. Of course once the twins were a little bigger and napping regularly I very quickly decided that if I did have the time I could think of plenty of ways I'd rather spend it than cleaning the bathroom. He is quite happy to keep it going, so who am I to argue?
I do make a distinction between mess and dirt though. Untidyness I can live with. Grime is another story!


  1. Judy, I was about to comment in your earlier post that being so meticulous about sewing, you could not POSSIBLY be an untidy person. I had visions of you, in my head, of being the sort to stay up half the night cleaning, after the kids are in bed...and scrubbing the bathroom floor on the day you went into labour because you wanted to come back to a clean house...(true stories BTW)...

    It's nice to see you don't have OCD:-)

  2. Yep - any day you can see the floor is a good day! I don't have twins and with E being 9yo there's no excuse for the floor being covered, but it's all just migrated to a higher level - you've seen the 'washing couch' and our table. Well, the table's harder to see most of the time, but I'm sure there's been a clear corner at least one time you've come to visit.

    Despite all that, messy house or not, I'm still impressed with how much you can manage to do!! :)

  3. I think I actually like a untidy place, it makes it lively and loved. And I make exactly the same distinction: my place is a mess but it's a clean mess. :)

  4. Oh thank goodness. I don't have to hate you now. And totally a mess is completely different to dirt, which is why I'm feeling very unhappy about the two week hiatus my kitchen floor had with the mop (thankfully over last night). You still get a crazy amount of stuff done.

  5. I have a saying: My home is never neat but it's always welcoming. I'm with you totally on it Judy!

  6. Thanks for sharing Judy! Ann, that's a great saying. My DH is a neatnik though, and I've come to get used to his once-freakish tidying habits. The good man saw my stripes though, and insisted we get a dishwasher a few years ago--my idea of a *real* marital aid! It certainly brings a lot of harmony into our home. On to nursing...