Friday, March 26, 2010

The vagaries of photography and children.

I don't feature in a lot of photos - I'm almost always the one behind the camera. But as the kids have got older they've been allowed to have a go. Georgia (who is 10) has always been one to rush on ahead without preparing first, so the photos she takes are sometimes blurred or have bits of the subject cut off. However, purely by accident she has taken some absolutely beautiful photos where the blur only adds to the photo. (The one above is currently our computer's desktop, and I absolutely love it. Even though it did force me to notice that my Jalie top is hanging very unattractively and should be taken in if I'm going to keep on wearing it!)

She also took this one of me and the twins playing with duplo. We play with duplo a lot. It's just as well I really like the stuff because every morning they drag out the box. So it's kind of nice to have a photo of something I do so much with them. (Same Jalie top, different day.)

And then I decided that I'd like to photograph pants I made for the twins a couple of weeks ago. I didn't get a snap the first time they wore them because Nicholas - well, let's just say the result required a bit of scrubbing and a soak in Napisan before a trip through the washing machine! So this time I thought I'd try again, but I did it before the big kids (ie, the twin wranglers) got home from school, so it was just me. I should know better.

Isabella is remarkably amenable to being told to go and stand by the window so I can take her picture.

Then Nicholas got in on the act. He wanted Isabella's book. Or cup maybe, despite having his own in his hand!

Being Nicholas he really wanted it. Usually he just wanders over and removes the desired item from her hands, but occasionally she tries to hang onto it. Despite the disparity in their sizes, he is most definitely The Boss. (He looks a LOT shorter than her here, but he has bent knees. Really she's only a little bit taller.)

At this point I finally noticed the drying rack and moved it so I could keep trying for the Perfect Photo. At which point what little cooperation I'd been getting finished.

And shortly after that Nicholas did the same thing in his trousers. He hardly ever squelches out of his nappy, so I can only assume that he was striking a blow for unwilling photographic subjects everywhere! Oh well, next time....
Just for the record, Nicholas' trousers are my own draft in a size 1 with added length, and I just love love love the fit on him. I added a very simple dog embroidery to one leg from one of my Ottobre mags. Isabella's pants I'm less pleased with. They're an Ottobre legging pattern I've used for pants for her before, but since I was using a stretch woven rather than knit I added to the width, and added too much. There is too much fabric around her bum, but there's also growing room in the length, so they may fit better later (although I rather doubt it). I love the leg shape of these, so I might just use the Ottobre pattern on my own draft for her size and see how that works. Isabella of course doesn't care. She's only 22 months old and hasn't realised that Mum made her pants that Make Her Bum Look Big.