Monday, March 29, 2010

I give up!

I'll have to content myself with being a decent seamstress and budding designer, because nobody is ever going to mistake me for a photographer.

My latest attempt was to photograph the new dress I'd spent a decent portion of Saturday making for Isabella. I loved the last one I'd made so much that I HAD to make another one for her. Unfortunately there wasn't enough fabric to make it the length I wanted, so this is about 5cm shorter than it should be. To my (overly picky) eye the proportions are just slightly off, but that may be because I know how long it's supposed to be. It's a size two, which should give her plenty of growing room, and it'll look cute as a tunic over pants.

Isabella wasn't keen to cooperate on Sunday morning so we got Georgia in on the act to encourage her to stand still and look cute. Normally she beams away at anyone who smiles at her but this was all I got - right after I snapped this she took off and refused to play nicely. Overexposed, dodgy focus and slightly petulant expression on my model. I can hear the advice not to quit my day job! Anyway, at least you can see the dress on a real child, and I love it even more. I get a huge buzz from seeing MY design, made from MY pattern, drafted from MY blocks and it's just what I wanted it to look like.
I then figured that since I had the camera out and Nicholas was wandering around in his new pants that I could try again. He was quite happy to stand next to Daddy for exactly as long as it took to take one photo. Much cuter expression than he had in my last attempt to photograph these pants!

ps, he's now three for three on the pants. Worn them three times, made Mummy scrub and napisan them three times. I'm not sure if he's protesting the photography or the pants themselves?
And now I have to rant on a totally unrelated topic - mis-labelled fabric! I bought what I am sure was labelled 100% cotton from the sale table at Spotlight. It didn't feel lovely, but I thought that might just be the finish in the fabric. Till I went to press it and it SHRIVELLED under the iron! A quick burn test confirmed that it has a very healthy proportion of synthetic in it. I'm not great at interpreting the results of burn tests to determine the exact fibre content, but I do know that a hard lump aint a natural fibre! It's pretty though, so I'm going to give it a proper pre-shrink in the washing machine and dryer and see how it turns out. It may end up being used for pattern trials because I refuse to waste fabric.


  1. The dress is totally cute and the kids--adorable.

  2. The proportions look pretty good to me - I think the dot at the bottom balances the yolk at the top nicely.

    I got a surprise when I was looking through an old Burda and thought, oh I wonder if anyone has made this, and sure enough YOU had! The trousers with the "galloons" as Burda calls them, from September 2005.

    What an adventurous sewer you are. I'm thinking of making the asymmetrical top that went with them..

  3. Lovely. I feel your pain on the photography front. And your pleasure on getting the dress you want from your very own block. I had three attempts before getting mine, but it was worth it in the end.

  4. I think the kids are adorable and so are the dress and pants!!!

  5. Adorable children! I think I know what you mean about using napisan on kids' clothes. Madeline went through a record 3 changes of daytime clothes today, and two changes for me. *Sigh*