Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Mary Nanna

Reading the comment you left on my last post, I think I know the pants you mean. I haven't worn them for ages! I'd almost forgotten them, which is sad because I really like them. I made the top that goes with them too. And here it is:

Finding the exact pattern details for this would entail me moving a bunch of stuff off the chest my Burdas are kept in, so might have to wait till I can be bothered or someone asks ;-)

I was blog surfing a week or so ago and came across a reference to the free Alexander McQueen jacket pattern download. I made that a while ago too! I thought I might post a pic of it now, and have a rummage through my wardrobe for some of the more interesting or unusual things I've made to show as well. Anyone interested in a bit of show and tell?

Editted to add - I couldn't help myself, and had to go and find the exact pattern details. I'm pretty sure I found the right mag (how many designs have "galloons" I wonder?!) and it's actually Sept '03, #137 for the pants, and #136 for the top above. Now I want to make that top again.....


  1. This is really cute. And yes, I would like to hear the gorey details on everything.

  2. Yes, that's the one. Wow. You are really adventurous! And now that I've seen that top I definitely want to make it.

  3. Very nice top. The neckline detail is very interesting.