Thursday, March 4, 2010

In which I am procrastinating again

I have been procrastinating on the baby trench since my last post for a couple of fairly pathetic reasons. One is laziness - I had to haul the (lightweight aluminium) ladder inside and go up into the roof space to find the fabric I wanted for lining. Annoyingly once I got around to it I found that the fabric was down in the house after all, but there isn't enough so I'll line the sleeves in satin which I like to do anyway. For which I have to make another trip into the roof. The other reason is reasonable - I was not sure about the design. I had a nasty nagging feeling that the collar wasn't right. I know I decided to simplify it, but I'm pretty good at visualising a finished design, and to me the collar just looked wrong. The reason that this is pathetic is that I know exactly what I am going to do about this, and it isn't going to be hard.

While I was considering the best way of making my collar look right, (ie, procrastinating on actually DOING it) I got inspired to make a new dress. Well, two new dresses, based on the same pattern.

Exhibit a)

Exhibit b)

These have been hanging next to my desk (which is in our living room) since I made them, where they have garnered a few oohs and ahhs, which is always nice. The most satisfying was from my aunt, who is visiting from the UK at the moment. It was her gift of 40 pounds for my last birthday that enabled me to buy my beloved drafting book. While I thanked her at the time, and told her what I got and what I was going to do with it, it was really nice to show her the end result, and just how much appreciated the gift was, and how useful the book is!

Another very nice response was from a very lovely lady who was visiting with her daughter to collect a dress I'd altered for the daughter. This was the same dress I was in the middle of making when the twins arrived, and finishing it was a bit of a mission, but for lovely people it's worth it. Anyway, they have a friend with a daughter about to turn one, and commissioned one of my designs for her - cool! (Interestingly, the same design chosen by my sister's friend a couple of months ago, and one of very very few for which I had more of the same fabric.) It's this one, the same design as the one I photographed on Isabella.

I really will get back to the baby trench very soon. Apart from anything else my WIPs (Work In Progress) box of cut and ready to sew garments is getting a bit full....


  1. Those are sweet little dresses. I'm surprised you can find time to do any sewing at all. I'm an awe of anyone with 5 kids who keeps her sanity!

  2. Seriously. You're making the rest of us look really bad. Really. Quit it. Now.

    I love love love those little jumpers (er... that would be, let's see, pinafore dresses?). Super sweet and I'm making several for the kids this summer. So there.

  3. Oh good! What beautiful things, and lucky little girls who wear them. I was just wondering today what a marvel it is that you got around to sewing with infant twins *and* breastfeeding them. Alternating each one. How... Wow! My 5-week-old keeps my hands full. And how lovely that your aunt got to see her gift in action. It warms the heart. By the way your title reminds me of Beangirl's subject line style :)