Thursday, March 25, 2010

It came!

I made my first auction purchase from Trademe last week (I made one other purchase a few months ago, but that was accepting a fixed price offer - this was the stessful kind!) and today my purchase came! I got this very pretty parcel in the mail:

After cutting into one very well wrapped parcel (no stray raindrops were going to get into this) I got to this:
I like Winifred Aldrich's books. And now I have editions of the whole family. Oops, glare on the books.

Being me, I got the fourth edition out of the library last weekend so that I could compare the two and see if my very own (insert "Mine, all mine!" evil genius type hand-rubbing cackle here) copy is missing anything important.


  1. LOL, so that explains the sudden drop in texting today! How exciting!
    So was it missing anything vitally important?

  2. Nice collection!

    I'm still waiting for my children's book to arrive... curse you private sellers on! (They have up to two weeks to ship.)