Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Three budding seamstresses

The girls finished Isabella's bubble dress yesterday afternoon. I helped (I did most of the pinning), but they did the actual sewing themselves, taking turns to do each seam. They are very proud of themselves, and immediately put it on Isabella. (Who needs dolls when you have two little people to play dress-ups with?) She was not overly impressed at the time, and this is the best of several photos. I suspect she will hate me for it when she gets older, but I doubt that she's going to scour my blog archives for embarrassing pictures of herself as a baby, so I should get away with it!

I took this pic a few days ago when the girls were cutting out the garments they made. They had to do it in the hallway so that the babies couldn't get at anything!

I wonder what they'll tackle next?


  1. I just love both these photos - how lovely is it to see the next generation taking up *the craft*.

  2. wish I'd had a mum like you when i was growing up!

  3. Awwwwwww!!! Adorable pictures all around!

  4. How great is it to see young people sewing! To have them realise that clothes don't just come from shops... that they can design them and make them. It's great how you can't see any of their faces, because they are too hard at work.