Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The biggest client I have ever fit

The blue line on the horizon above the bow is the sea. It was very important to get the sea in the same picture.
Dad's boat. The cover is FINISHED! I took these pics today before we added the last details - a few velcro strips to hold the sides when rolled up and the door when open. It's been a Very Big Job, but satisfying to complete. Dad and I both felt that without the one we copied to figure out how to do it, we wouldn't have had a clue where to start.
Which leads to some very enjoyable MEMEME sewing. I sewed it for Dad in exchange for the fact that he taught me to drive 7 years ago, and didn't even make me give him petrol money. (However, he had promised a chocolate fish upon completion. A whole one, just for me.) Then last time he was over while we worked on it he said that actually he'd like to treat me and David to dinner out (as long as it's somewhere good - if we pick McDonald's it's off!) to say thanks. So now of course I need a new dress. I have some great printed satins, and plan to spend the twins' nap time tomorrow searching through all the When-I-Need-A-Nice-Dress patterns I've been collecting.....

Naturally I've been doing other sewing as well. I had my first lesson with the girl I'm going to teach last Saturday, which was fun. I hope she enjoys it too! I wish I'd had someone tell me first thing in the first lesson that patterns don't necessarily fit.
I made another shirt, this time a size two. Funny how grading a pattern is not as much fun as drafting it. I wonder why that is? Anyway, this one is exactly the same pattern as the last one, with the addition of a bias strip to finish the back neckline. It just looks better I think.

Inside the collar.

And a bubble dress/tunic. I wasn't sure what I'd do with this fabric to show the neat print, and this just came to me. It was very quick and easy to draft and make and I really like it, as does Georgia, who thinks it's too cute to sell, and should be given to Isabella. She may be right.


  1. I am impressed by the boat cover! The dress is so cute - I agree, Isabella really should own it. :)

  2. I am so impressed by the boat cover.. that would be right up there in my "never" list of things to sew.. and more cute clothes for kids. Thank goodness you're about to embark on some swanky youyouyou sewing.

  3. I too am very impressed by the boat cover. Wow, a BIG job! Glad it wasn't me doing the sewing. :) Love the dress! The fabric is gorgeous and really suits the style you chose.

  4. I LOVE the dress...it is so cute...as for the boat cover...I don't know enough about sewing to comment, but I am guessing it is HARD! I wish I lived in Dunedin so I could hit you up for sewing lessons!

  5. The bubble dress is so precious. How about a deciding factor--is it in Isa's colours? If it turns her grey, than ok. But if it lights her up, ohhh now. The boat cover is such a phenomenon! Enjoy your dinner out and making a special something for it. If life and the kiddywinks happen to take up too much time before the big night, even lipstick with gloss over it makes you feel like you're in something different and special.

  6. That boat cover looks like a labour of love to me. I made a tent fly once. Never again!

    I adore the bubble. I agree with your daughter, How could you sell it when you have a gorgeous baby to put in it! Of course you could always make another one.

  7. The dress should belong to Isabella. Think of it as a branding / marketing exercise. She'd be a wonderful advertisement!