Monday, September 21, 2009

One for my own baby!

After all the sewing I've been doing potentially (hopefully) for other peoples' babies, it feels almost strange to be making one of my designs for Isabella! She has a warm furry winter coat, but with a glorious spring upon us she needed something a little less toasty. I have tried my first version of this one on her and it fit her nicely, so here we go. I shortened it to jacket length rather than coat length, but otherwise it's the same as last time, seen here.

(That's her hand in the bottom of the picture. Like Nicholas she likes to know what is going on at all times).

The fabric is a lovely soft cotton denim I was given a few years ago, which is probably rather old. It's thick and has a brushed back so it's very soft. The applique is done in exactly the same way as this one. (Clicking on the pic will make it bigger and clearer). Lining is "dancetime" satin from Spotlight. Left over from something else, so I have so far spent about $6 on this jacket - for buttons and topstitching thread. I still have quite a chunk of the denim left too!

It is getting harder and harder to sew with them around, so the hem and buttons will have to wait till today's naptime.


  1. That does look cute. Would a pair of jeans/or dress from the same denim look too matchy-matchy? I think jeans in the darker applique pink would look cool. :)

  2. That's gorgeous! Oh for a little girl to sew for...there's only so much excitement I can muster up for yet another pair of cargo pants for the boys ;-)

    I love the sleeve/yoke detail in particular.


  3. So pretty - like Jen, I could almost muster sewing for someone else if it was a little girl and you got too be toooo cute with it.