Friday, September 18, 2009

Back to baby sewing

After making a bias cut satin dress for me, it was kind of nice to go back to simple cotton baby shirts! These two are based on the same block as the boys' ones, but I flared them out by slashing and spreading the pattern. They have different details, which were fun to do. Both have concealed domes at the front. I just attached them to the facing only, then used my zip foot to sew right next to them through all the layers so they're anchored in place but not visible except where the top one is open. I'm thinking about tiny flower appliques over the spot, or something similar to make a feature of the fastening on future versions.

The pleated inset on this shirt was directly inspired by the beautiful creations I saw here and here. For a baby shirt I kept the cutout simple - even and symetrical. I'm really keen to try something using this technique for me, but I'm not sure what yet.
Georgia and two of the neighbours are getting really interested in sewing and decided that they wanted to make clothes for the twins. They borrowed a couple of patterns which I felt were suitable and had at it! This red vest is very largely their work. I showed them how to lay out the pattern, and I pinned it for them, then after they'd cut out the pieces I showed them how to sew each seam and they all took a turn doing one on Georgia's machine. The button and appliques they sewed on by hand themselves. This is their first effort and they are very proud of themselves, and rightly so!

They are now working on a bubble dress for Isabella. With input from me they'll get it done, and Isabella will love the attention. I'll post a pic when they finish. Enthusiasm in kids is to be encouraged!


  1. Very cute little shirts. Keep encouraging G and her friends to sew for the twins - it'll free you up for your label sewing.
    The satin dress is awesome too!

  2. How wonderful that your daughter and her friends want to daughters WANT me to sew, for them, which I take as a good sign..maybe by the time they are old enough to want to sew themselves, I will have enough experience under my belt to take them through it...what a wonderful skill to pass on!

  3. I love, love, LOVE the detail on the little shirts (and I like your more tailored interpretation of the detailing on orignal inspriation garmet too, it's very baby-appropriate). I'm trying to think up "interesting but not too interesting" details to add to my daughter's school uniform blouses and this is perfect. Thanks for passing on the inspriation!