Friday, September 4, 2009

Party dress progress

After the boat cover, it was quite a change to work on a dress! Since it's a one shouldered style I decided to stay the neckline with twill tape. In order to do that I had J try on the dress, right way out, and pinned the tape along the neckline on the right side, snugging the bodice to her body where needed.
Then of course I had to move it to the inside without losing the dimensions. That was easily accomplished by marking tape and dress at several points with pairs of pins before moving the tape to the inside.
After moving the tape to the inside, I sewed it in, easing the excess as I went. I used a LOT of pins to make it even.

Since gettng to this point I've sewn in the lining (I wish I'd photographed that, since it was an interesting exercise getting it in and understitched to neckline and armhole.)
And for no useful reason, here's a gratuitous skitey photo of me sitting on Dad's boat earlier today. I went out there so we could have a photoshoot of the cover totally finished. The weather was beautiful, which never hurts. This shot just shows how the sides can be rolled up so you can fish even if it's raining. (Dad has such a tough life!)
Hmm, from this angle my legs look about three inches long.


  1. wow - that boat cover sure is impressive - keep showing it off, that much work should not be relegated to a single blog post. Has it got smug seams? Beautiful straight top stitching? How about smuggling in a few shots of the details for us to admire.

  2. Judy is there any reason why you wouldn't turn the dress inside to pin the twill tape?

  3. Oooh, J is going to look very posh for her birthday bash!

  4. Wow! Stunning! That is going to be gorgeous with your eyes. Love the boat picture on a glorious sunny day, and no, your legs don't like stumpy at all.