Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where did I put the matchsticks?

Note to self: if your eight month old twins have their immunisations given on the same day that they both come down with colds, don't expect any sleep. I got about 3 hours total, two of them together! (Bonus to having twins - two very lovely nurses from the immunisation outreach service came to my home to give the jabs! It was sooooo much easier than having to take them to the doctor's surgery!)

I'm torn between sewing G's jeans to keep myself awake till I have to take C to the orthodontist (for the second day running - grrrr, o-rings falling off, grrrr) and not sewing G's jeans because I am in no way certain that I would remember to sew them right side out.

On the plus side, while C was at the orthodontist yesterday I raced around town like a headless chook doing about 15 errands (further note to self: when paying road user charges, note the start distance from your car BEFORE going in to the Post Shop, otherwise you'll have to go back to the car to find out, then back to the shop to pay it!). Last errand was a reel of topstitching thread for G's jeans. Anne's Fabrics (great fabric shop!) had a roll of very good quality, slightly flawed denim for $5/m! Usual price is $35/m! Naturally 3m found it's way home with me so I can make a much nicer pair of those pants for O for winter. Or two. I feel better about the first pair already :-)

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  1. You have my sympathy! Hope the twins sleep better tonight. It's been ages since I've been into Anne's... I might have to rectify that. ;) Although I am trying to be good about buying fabric. I'm sewing so slowly during the uni year that if I keep buying fabric, we'll have to abandon the house to the stash!