Monday, February 23, 2009

"Free" sewing

I love sewing for free! This little hoodie (the sweatshirt, not the baby), is one of those projects which I class as "free". It isn't really, as I did pay for all of the components, but I justify it thus:

Pattern: Ottobre 06/07 #11, size 62. I already had the magazine, so no further cost.

Fabric: Heavy brushed cotton sweatshirting left over from a garment for one of his older siblings. Too small to make anything bigger than this. Already paid for for another garment, so no extra cost for this one.

Zip: One of several dozen I got at the Tamahine (manufacturer) closing down sale last year. I got 64 zips for $5.00, so each one cost just under 8c.

Thread: Whatever I had lying around, so no further cost either.

So, while I did actually pay for what I used, it feels like it was a free hoodie!


  1. Adorable! I love the effect of the zipper on the outside. Is that your mock coverstitch I see?

  2. I love your cost accounting!

    What a cute coat and a cute kid!