Friday, February 20, 2009

Pink Jeans

These are Ottobre 06/07 #32, size 134. G has been hankering for some skinny jeans, and after seeing the ones that Keely made for her daughter I figured I'd make some for mine! I love how these turned out. The only alteration I made was to slim down the legs to the ankle to make them skinny shaped rather than straight. They fulfill her desire for skinny jeans, and my need for her to be able to bend her legs and run around! After the ho-hum pants I made last, it was nice to do something I actually liked.

And here's the back. I really like how these fit.
I finished them while she was at school, and took these photos when she changed into them after we got really wet walking home. I'm really glad I did, because she promptly went to play with the neighbours and came home with a HOLE in one of the legs! She has no idea how she caught them, and since the pattern of the fabric will hide the necessary repair quite well, I don't really care a lot. It does make me very glad that I can sew though - if I'd paid a lot of money for a garment and had it holed on first wearing I think I would be gritting my teeth a little!
Next up - wool/cashmere baby shoes. (Leftovers from the coat I made myself). Keely thinks I should line them with silk.

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  1. These turned out well. How much did you take the leg in? That fabric looks just like some in my stash, lol.
    I still think silk lined cashmere baby shoes would be sooooo cool!