Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trousers I like, fabric I hate.

I made these this weekend for DS2. They're Ottobre 01/06 #27, in a size 134. I am ambivalent about these pants. I like the style and they fit him nicely, but this is horrible fabric. I only used it because he desperately needs pants, and I bought the end of the roll of this so I (still, sadly) have heaps. It was crinkled (on purpose) when new, and whatever they use to make it stay crinkled feels gummy and makes it stick to the iron unless you really go to town with steam. I ironed out all the wrinkles to make it smooth, and without ever going near the washing machine it looks old already. It's thin and very limp, with a higher degree of shear than I would expect for this type of fabric (shear is the way a fabric deforms from it's correct orientation on grain. For example, chiffon has a higher degree of shear than denim). The print looks worn, and not in a designer way.

All the time I was sewing these I kept telling myself that it's a good way to trial the pattern, and they'll do for a short time. But I felt like I was putting time and effort into a garment that just isn't worth it. I'm going to get some GOOD fabric and do these justice - it's a really neat style and DS loves it - especially the dog embroidery on the pocket.

This was easy peasy to do - I just traced the design from the pattern sheet, pinned the paper to the pocket and stitched along the line with a straight stitch to mark the design. Then I pulled out the paper and just went around it with a satin stitch. Next time I'll do it more carefully, but even a waste of time garment deserves a bit of flair.

Here's the back. They're folded up a little more than the pattern requires, as DS is a little shorter than 134cm tall.


  1. I'm liking the dog on the pocket. The style looks good. The most important thing is what does DS think of them?

  2. The dog on the pocket is adorable.

  3. The pants look good, but I am with you, in that it is annoying to put a lot of time into a garment made of inferior fabric. BTW, thanks for the explanation of 'shear' I haven't heard that term before.