Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby shoes

Nicholas has worn right through the very cute bootees he'd been given by a very kind colleague in Christchurch. (Isabella fits more than one pair, and doesn't crawl all over the floor like Nicholas, so hers are fine!) He has skinny legs, so finding something which would stay on him was going to be a mission. I can sew I think to myself, I can MAKE something that'll stay on! I got a pattern from Inspirations Baby and modified it a little. I wanted to try it out as is, and then decide whether or not I needed to do anything else to the pattern. The pattern is for the shoes pictured in cream and pink in the link above.

The shoes are made from thick warm brushed cotton sweatshirting, with cotton knit lining. It only took a couple of hours to make them from start to finish, and they STAY ON! I did have to get G to hold him for this pic though - have you ever tried to persuade a baby to sit still with his feet on display?!

Next time I will make them a little taller, and I'll notch out the sole joining seam so the curve of the toe sits better. I also just knotted the elastic to try them on. Next time I'll do that properly too. I was lazy today! (Grumble grumble, twins with colds, grumble grumble, both demanding to be fed during the night, grumble grumble, not enough sleep, YAWN!) All in all, a wearable first attempt, and I'll be making more of these for sure.

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  1. For a sleep-deprived mother of sick twins, you are very prolific! Cute shoes. Any bets on how long till he wears out the toes on these ones with his climbing? ;)