Monday, April 12, 2010

The best way to spend Sunday morning

My kids love playing on my Dad's boat whenever we go and visit my parents, or when it was parked outside our house while I worked on The Cover . And when it was realised, by kids and everyone else, that they had never been out on a boat Dad accused David and I of coming close to child neglect and a trip was rapidly arranged. The twins were left in the expert hands of my Mum while Dad took David, Georgia, Oliver and I for a run. (Cayden was sleeping, in preparation for the all-night networking session he and two friends were having that night!)

Sunday dawned calm and warm with a little patchy cloud. Perfect for a run from Back Beach to the Heads. (Back Beach is just behind Port Chalmers, and the Heads is Taiaroa Head at the mouth of Otago harbour.) We saw seals and even a penguin (well, I didn't because I was putting away the camera, damn it!) albatrosses, shags and all sorts of other neat stuff. The kids took a bit of getting used to the motion of the boat, especially just outside the Heads, where it was a LOT bumpier, but declared it great fun. (And to my profound relief, nobody got seasick!)

I love looking at Dunedin from the water. It is fantastic to live so close to such easily accessible beautiful scenery. (Well, if you have a Dad with a boat. Otherwise you can climb a hill on one side of the harbour and then you can admire the other side and a whole lot further. The walk from Aramoana to Haywards Point or even as far as Murdering Beach is one of my personal favourites.)

I have been sewing, (and I've been discovering the joys of freezer paper stenciling too, hehehe.) But I've had two nights of crap sleep (on top of goodness knows how many patchy ones) thanks to one or other or both twins and today is too gloomy to photograph the pants I made anyway, so a post will have to wait till I can summon a bit of energy!


  1. ah it makes me all nostalgic seeing those photos of Dunedin. Truly a stunningly beautiful city.

    I hear you on the sleep front. My workload pales in comparison to yours, but at 4:30 when a toddler decides he's up and ready for the day I lose that kind of perspective!

    It amazes me you find time to sew ANYTHING not just the imaginative things you do come up with !

  2. What a fun day full of memories!!