Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When you don't have a printer

Cough cough, hack hack, blech - I have a cold. Courtesy of the twins who are nothing if not generous when it comes to sharing their snot. I tell you, nothing makes me feel more like I have a tribe of kids than calling the doctor's office and asking for appointments for "a couple of my children". When I actually meant three of them. Fortunately it was a nice quick visit - one case of conjunctivitis , one possible blocked tear duct and confirmation that the warty rash on Isabella is that contagious one which will go away on it's own in 3-4 months.

Anyway, it seems to have been sick central around here lately - so far only David and Cayden have not come down with anything. This is the first cold I've had since I had pneumonia in January, and I'm really nervous - I've been told that I may be more susceptible to chest infections and related problems because of it.

Which is all a very long winded way of saying that production around here has been patchy at best. I have a couple of patterns half drafted, three dresses cut and ready to stencil and sew, and little inclination to do any of it. So I procrastinated by tracing some images I've had stored in the computer forever. When our computer died my clever SIL put our old hard drive into this computer, which I only realised a few days ago!

I'm still waffling aren't I? The point of this post was supposed to be to show how I traced an image from my computer rather than just print it out. We used to have a printer. Then it ran out of ink and we balked at spending the cost of a new printer on replacing it, so the printer just got used as a scanner for a while. Then Nicholas got at it, and now it doesn't work at all. In any case, I couldn't print the images. So I traced them. Last time I did this I learned that computer screens are the one thing from which Glad Press'n'Seal will not pull away cleanly. Oops. The teenager (who owns the screen) was not impressed! So this time I taped a piece of gladwrap (clingfilm) over the screen and placed the press'n'seal on that, and traced away.

Very very low tech, but it worked just fine!


  1. Ok. That is a thing that I seriously had never ever no not ever thought of doing before.

    -shakes head in amazement-

    (I hope you feel better soon!)

  2. Ha! I love low tech.

    Can you avoid the doctor with 5 kids? We spent the day at the doc yesterday. Well, only 2 hours, but it seemed like a day.

  3. Judy that reminds me of a joke ... The blonde secretary putting the computer screen onto the photocopier to copy the image on the computer screen!!
    ... you may not remember me ... Keely said something about name tags!!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought if it. The first time I did this it was also because the printer was not working...but now I generally prefer it since I'm going to have to trace it either way.