Friday, April 16, 2010

Procrastination pays off

This is the dress I was working on last week. I was all fired up over the tulip sleeves, and love how they turned out. And then I ran out of enthusiasm for it. The neckline looked too plain, but piping it or adding a collar or something would have made the dress too fussy. So it got put aside in favour of mucking around with other stuff.

Then a couple of nights ago as I sat up in bed giving Nicholas his midnight snack it hit me - the neckline needed a little curvy nick taken out of it!

I could hardly wait for the twins to have their nap the next day so I could get stuck into it. By the end of the day the dress was all finished. The back was the first element I thought of, and an idea I think I'll revisit.

So there you go - procrastinating till the right idea hits totally pays off!
Beangirl, the paint I used is Fas brand Fastex Textile Ink, the colour is metallic silver. My next experiment is to try acrylic craft paint mixed with textile medium.
Mary Nanna, I got freezer paper at Spotlight in the dress fabric department (used to be in the craft dept with the quilting stuff). If Dunedin has it it'd be worth asking if any of the Auckland stores have it.


  1. I can see all the design elements have come together harmoniously in this dress - the lip or the tulips is mirrored in both the sleeve and the neckline. What a gorgeous dress. This is going to make some mum very proud.

  2. Love that neckline! (Do they not sell actual freezer paper in the grocery store in NZ? I guess I never had any cause to buy some, but that's where you get it here, as far as I know.)

  3. A beauty. You should consider selling your patterns. I'd buy...

  4. Lovely dress. The details are wonderful.

  5. You just needed some time for the creative juices to get flowing. It wasn't really procrastination, but think-time. Very nice touch at the neckline.

  6. Perfect details to this gorgeous little dress! I love the back!