Monday, April 19, 2010

The Baby Trench Part 8: Finished

I've been procrastinating with this too, but this time it's because I was a bit sad about seeing it All Finished. I'm going in to Miracle tomorrow and should really take it in so thought I should get on with it. All that needed doing since my last installment were the buttons and buttonholes. To my relief the buttonholes behaved - I'd have said some Very Bad Words if I'd had to unpick any!
So, without further ado, here it is:

And the back:
If she'll cooperate (and is spotlessly clean) I want to get a shot of this being modelled by Isabella. Don't hold your breath.

And just for fun, another bubble dress. They seem to sell well, so it's worth making more.

I've added a link over on the right to an album of my designs. Just to keep them all in one place. I was a bit surprised at how many there were! I know a few may be missing thanks to our computer dying, so I'll have to do a troll through my blog archives to see if I can pick any extras.
Feedback and suggestions are always very welcome - what should I do next? What does anybody like or not like?


  1. I don't like avacados. Oh wait, what should you sew, you mean? Hmmm.... something for yourself? I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at not being able to sew anything lately and sewing for myself last week went horribly horribly wrong... so I would like to see someone do something that turns out better. There. A suggestion. (I love that bubble dress and of course the trench is just over the top crazy cute.)

  2. I love it and can't wait to see it on Isabella, dirt permitting :-)

  3. That coat is adorable - are you sure Isabella doesn't want to keep it? ;)

    What should you do next?
    Hmmm, I think you should do something with navy cashmere that would fit me.....

  4. What a cute little coat! One of a kind. Nice sewing, and drafting!

  5. The coat and bubble dress are adorable. Tell me about those wonderful appliques. Are you appliqueing on top of an applique, like a shadow?

  6. That baby trench has turned out perfectly. I am so impressed by your skills.