Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pink flowers for spring

We've had some lovely spring weather lately, and the nice ladies in Miracle said that girls dresses sell well. (And commented more than once on loving the previous bubble dress I'd made) so yesterday during the twins' nap time I made this one.

It's the same pattern as the one at the bottom of this post, which I had graded up and was made by Georgia and two of the neighbours for Isabella, shown here. Predictably Georgia wants to keep this one for Isabella. I'd better make one for her just to get Georgia off my back!

Before I made that one I made this little top to go under the historic inspired tunic. I was a bit iffy about the relatively brighter pink, but it lifted and brightened the very muted tunic, so I've stuck with it.

The very simple applique/embroidery is done the same way as in this post. It is very hard to tell in this photo, but the applique is two layers. Soft white linen under the pale pink from the tunic. They are too similar though to have the impact of a contrasting border.
The twisted ruffle at the hem is also the same fabric as the tunic, cut from the selvedge so there wasn't any embroidery on it.

And here's the top under the tunic. When I first envisioned the tunic I saw it with a white linen shift dress under it, and capris from the embroidered fabric, but the practical Mum in me kept thinking - how many Mums are going to dress their little girl in something so PALE!? I still think that for a wedding or special occasion it'd be a beautiful outfit as I pictured it, but for more use a cotton top would be more practical, and I can see this with jeans as a more casual outfit.
Maybe I shouldn't second guess myself so much and just go with my original vision? I always intended to aim at the upper end of the market.


  1. Argh! I just posted a comment and then it got lost in cyberspace. Basically it said:

    1) in my experience a LOT of upscale clothing is purchased by impractical grandmothers, rather than practical mothers

    2) I like the original vision very well, but also like the casual idea. Could you do both?

  2. I agree with beangirl. Grandmothers tend to have more spare cash for beautiful and impractical clothes.Besides, that outfit is not so impractical, there is no frou, frou, just gorgeous clean lines. A little nappisan would take care of any pale fabric problems!

  3. It's beautiful, I don't have the answer to your dilemma but maybe your customers do .. you could do a sample of each and see what sells!

    I love the simplicity of the flower in the centre. So cute.