Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Drafting for the World's Smallest Bum

I think I've mentioned before that Nicholas has the Smallest Bum In The World. It's not just because he was prem - Isabella is considerably more generously proportioned! Nicholas is just little - just like his elder brother (who is now taller than me). Anyway, making him clothes means that I can at least get things that fit him properly. Trousers are ok, but shorts are another matter. His skinny little legs look like matchsticks sticking out of shorts! The weather has been beautiful lately, and he needed longish shorts - he has short shorts, but needed some more substantial ones. So I skimmed in the sides of my size one trouser draft by *quite a lot* shortened it to shorts and added a cargo pocket to the sides.

And here they are - perfectly proportioned shorts for a Very Small Bum.

Isabella could use some too, but for her I have to add a little to the size one draft. If I hadn't been there at the time I wouldn't believe these two had come from the same stomach on the same day!


  1. such a cute little guy! and wearing cute little shorts too!

    (and laughing about the twin thing: when I was growing up I knew twins who were so different in size, looks and coloring that most people didn't even know they were related!)

  2. Hello Judy, Mary Nanna has got her quotes mixed up...that was never my byline, sorry you haven't been given credit where credit was due. Whilst on the topic of small eldest asked me why his undies had 2 on the tag when he was 6 and I had to explain that he had a Size 2 bum. Cute shorts on a cute boy.

  3. Yes, sorry Judy, have fixed it now... beautiful cargo shorts - although I'm still in denial about Dunedin's summer - clearly Dunedin has been the winner in the global warming stakes!

  4. They are perfectly proportioned shorts Judy. As usual, you've done a beautiful job. They look fabulous... and worth all the effort to make your boy that chuffed with his new pants!

    And I needed to read this post... to help ease my worries about my boy who is smaller than my girl. xxx